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Small businesses are an essential part of the economy. If you are reading this right now that means you probably run one, help to manage one, or are in the process of creating one! 

There are many operational components to running an effective small business from administrative work to staffing to documenting processes. Having all of these components well coordinated helps to avoid founder burnout, employee burnout, and unnecessary chaos.

DN Management provides a wide range of support, for less than the cost of hiring full time employees.

We can help you manage your website, follow up with leads, provide chat support, organize your receipts, manage your social media, onboard new employees, and more WHILE keeping both your email inbox and calendar organized.

That means, while you're working to close deals, develop your strategy, and/or take time off to breathe. . . you have an entire virtual team helping to managing your business on the backend.

All at an AFFORDABLE price!

I hope you're excited. . . because we are excited about the prospect of working with YOU!

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message through the chat box!


In Summary, Here's What We Can Do For You!

We help small businesses & executives delegate their administrative operations. We've worked with dozens of companies, non profits, and teams!

Our Services

Executive Support

As your company grows it's vital that you are able to manage the day-to-day business professionally & efficiently. Our team will match your passion with well rounded and adaptable support systems. Highly skilled and experienced in administrative processes, we keep your organization running like a well-oiled machine while you grow your business. 

Process Development

We do a deep dive into your business to understand how it operates. Then we develop a plan to improve your processes or implement new processes. Our goal is to create an effective system of operations where communications, decision making, planning, and repetitive tasks are done effectively. We'll also use various technologies to keep your business secure and efficient.

Project Management

Our project managers have a variety of backgrounds such as marketing or customer service. Each client is assigned a project manager with relevant experience. We use Asana as our project management tool so that we can assign, track and manage your support needs. We also employ tools to keep the line of communication open, so that you are able to access us, as you need us!

Team Building & Management

If you have an existing team you need help to manage, we're happy to provide an appropriate project manager who can take on some management responsibilities. Not only can we manage your existing team, we can help you build new teams for both short and long term projects. We have a robust network of engineers, marketers, brand managers, video producers, and more who can help you execute your next project.

Airbnb Management

We can manage your short-term rental or airbnb property by setting up an automated system for booking, cleaning, collecting payments, and more depending on your needs.

Virtual Assistants

We will delegate work to virtual assistants who can handle

  • research

  • lead acquisition

  • chat support

  • email & calendar management

  • phone calls

  • social media management 

  • content development

  • presentations and more


We work with clients on either a monthly or per project basis. Here is how it works



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The DN Management Team

We are a diverse group of project managers, admin professionals, and virtual assistants from around the world. Our founder and Chief Project Manager has10 years of experience managing non-profits, small businesses, and corporate initiatives. She is also a trained software engineer and a former educator.

Under her leadership, we have assembled an amazing team of project managers, marketers, and virtual assistants with experience in organizational efficiency, administration, content development, and more.

Outsource your project management, admin work, team management, and more to us and we'll provide your business with the valuable support you need while you scale.

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