Project Manager

We are looking for an experienced freelance project manager, preferably someone with experience supporting executives, to help support one of our clients. The role would involve approximately 5-10 hours a week at $30/hour.

Start date is somewhere between August 7th and August 17th.


Our work with this client primarily involves training and managing a team of overseas BDRs who make phone calls to leads in order to schedule follow up appointments with an IT Consultant on the client's team.

Your role is comprehensive and includes the following:

  • track roles and assignments via Trello by creating tickets, tracking notes in those tickets, and assigning & monitoring deadlines

  • follow up with client regularly to provide reminders for work they need to complete (this client is very busy and needs a lot of reminders)

  • check in regularly (daily) to ask questions and address blockers or confusion

  • schedule and facilitate meetings, take notes, and disseminate notes to all parties after each meeting

  • manage our BDR team, this is a call center team who will be making phone calls on behalf of the client

  • develop processes for monitoring and evaluating BDRs and project success

  • familiarity with Monday & CRMs is a plus

  • you'll need to have a flexible schedule


Useful skills include

  • organized

  • self-motivated

  • great at following up, sending reminders, staying on top of deadlines, and pushing people to get stuff done

  • outspoken, able to confidently share feedback with the client and the team

  • adaptable, swift to address mistakes or setbacks

  • able to think critically about processes and find ways to refine them

If you are interested please schedule a meeting with our Chief Project Manager here and send your resume to

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